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Texas Land Sale

My husband and I were selling our home, but could not afford to buy or build another home in California. It was very stressful. In addition, my husband was recovering from surgery. We were referred to Legacy Hills near Dripping Springs because of the location of their land development. Christina Puckett called us immediately, relieving our stress. The most endearing part of working with Christina was her skill and trustworthiness since we were in California. By the time my husband blew to Texas and got to the land sale, we were told that all of the initial release lots were sold. We were crushed. However, Christina found that one lot had not been sold and showed it to him after hours in the evening light and pouring rain. It was perfect, so we bought it! Thank you so much, Christina. We have a goal of building our home in Texas that would not have been possible without you, your skill, your open and honest personality, and your relentless will to help us fulfill our dream.
Renee and Robert D.

Christina is one of the most genuinely caring individuals I have had the privilege of meeting. Despite an undoubtedly busy schedule, she took time to guide us through the process of buying our property, from beginning to end. Her friendly demeanor and professionalism immediately put us at ease, and the dedication she demonstrated in following up with us is something we will always remember with deep appreciation. Ultimately, Christina truly went above and beyond in assisting us with our land purchase, which was in so much demand that it would have been impossible to acquire without her timely and invaluable aid. It is our hope that these few words of recognition of her efforts allow her to help others, as she has helped us. Thank you, Christina!
Sesha and Amrita K

These days, you very rarely meet someone as responsible and dedicated as Matt Watson. My first conversation with Matt, I explained how long Toby and I had been looking for land in the Austin area. As a born and raised Texan, my husband desperately wanted to own a “piece of Texas.” Matt listened to our wish list, and was confident we could find what we were looking for in Legacy Hills. He was so encouraging during this whole process. We learned that the sale would be on May 1st and 2nd, which was very disappointing because during those dates, we would be in Florida on a family vacation that was 1.5 years in the making, and then we were headed to Tennessee to visit my 93-year-old father. Because of this amazing opportunity that we didn’t want to miss, we decided to postpone the leg of the trip to visit my dad so that we could drive back in time for the sale. After 14 hours on the road (2 hours in a torrential rainstorm), we made it to Austin at midnight, and were at the land sale by 8:15 on the morning of May 1st. During our time in Florida, Matt reached out to us several times to see how we were doing and to see if we had any questions. He was also somehow able to move us from the 3:00 tour to the 9:00, which we were so incredibly grateful for. He knew how much this meant to us.....so amazing. When we arrived, there was so much activity and we did not really know what was going on, as we had never been to this type of land sale. Matt quickly found us and reassured us that we would be in very good hands with Kim. And boy was he right! Kim helped us come up with a game plan to find the perfect lot for us, and then drove like a trooper through the muckity muck to the correct street. In all the excitement, I asked Kim to pull over prematurely, and the next thing you know, Kim and I were running to secure Lot 65, with my husband walking behind, grinning and shaking his head as he watched these 2 ladies running like their hair was on fire! We ran, we called it in on the walkie-talkie, and we got it! Gorgeous lot 65 is ours now, thanks to Matt’s dedication to detail and his caring nature, and to Kim’s good driving and sprinting abilities. It is a story that will no doubt be passed down through our children, and we will be forever grateful to Matt as we create memories in our dream home at Legacy Hills.
Karen and Toby M

We wanted to take the time to write you a letter of thanks and acknowledgement of all Matt Watson and Price Keever did in prep for our family's tour. We recognize that we have become the proud owners of two beautiful properties only because of your thoughtful actions. You literally changed the outcome for us! By Lauri's and Ray's appointment being rescheduled from 1:00 pm to 9:00 am, they were not among the people who received a phone call with the news of the sellout. With your approval of a family group tour, Larry and I had the opportunity to join Lauri and Ray in the adventure. And last but not least, Larry and I appreciate the fact that you and Davy made the executive decision to allow Lot 52 to be released even though it was not officially on the market. Now, because of those actions, we are all neighbors! In Matt's words, "It was AWESOME!" So, thank you many times over! To have someone go out of their way to assist another the way you did is humbling and something to be acknowledged. We sincerely appreciate it! Matt has continually told us what a great group he works with because they all attempt to set up each other for success. It is evident that that mindset comes from the top because you live out the very values you encourage and desire to have your agents exhibit.
Larry and Jan D

Matt: As I think you know, we have dropped a note to your leadership in order to recognize you for the support you offered leading to our purchase of our tracts at Legacy Hills. While we want them to know of your good work, we also wanted to take a minute to thank you directly. Thank you, Matt. I’m not sure that if it weren’t for your efforts, we would have been as engaged with our interest to invest in parcels for two of our kids. What started out as a general “curiosity” about the development grew to buyer level interest based upon working with you and learning more about your company, your business model, and the Legacy Hills development. In fact, as our interest in the property ratcheted up as we worked with you, that interest then translated to our extended family taking an interest in Legacy Hills. The result of our interest, based upon working with you, resulted in our nephew, Will Noble, also buying a lot the same Saturday we did. I guess that means you helped land a “3fer.” Bottom line, Matt, we appreciate the professionalism you brought to the process of our learning about Lone Star Land Partners and the Legacy Hills project. We’re thrilled to have purchased the two parcels we did and look forward to those being a part of the lives of our family for years to come. Thanks again and we hope that this experience may lead to working together on future properties.
Lance and Lisa N

Legacy Hills is the second development by Lone Star Land Partners that I have bought in. When David Cribb asked me to come take a look at their newest development outside Dripping Springs, I didn’t hesitate to book an appointment. Lone Star Land Partners’ attention to detail and overall first class properties gave me the confidence to buy on the spot. David not only did his homework on the surrounding communities and attractions, but was very familiar with what the each lot had to offer. Don’t pass up a chance to check out Legacy Hills, as I think this will be another jewel in Lone Star Land Partners’ vast portfolio of community developments.
Robert P

On Saturday, May 1st, Texas was having one of the downpours that make the news. We were scheduled for a 9:00am appointment with Mark Gallagher to show us property at Legacy Hills Ranch outside Dripping Springs, Texas. On one of our prior telephone conversations, Mark prepared me on how time sensitive/hectic it may be, and I tried to relay to Mike, but he was not convinced. Mike wanted to walk the property and study it before we decided to purchase it. So, we arrived at 8:00am, enjoyed the kolaches, and visited with Mark. We planned our strategy because our 1st choice was Lot #82. The time came to go see the property and Mark was #2 in line. All these 4-wheel drives were lined up. So, in our rain boots we dredged to Mark’s truck. Mark was so prepared that he had raincoats and boots if we needed them. So, the caravan began; we didn’t get past the first property and someone called the first lot sold with the name of the buyer. At this time, it was still really raining and the road ahead looked like a lake then a big hill ahead. The first truck went up and was sliding a bit, then Mark in his big Ford F250 coasted up the hill. At this point, I had all the confidence in Mark! I turned to look out the back window to watch how the other vehicles were doing. Some were having a hard time going up the hill. The #1 car in front of us turned off to their interested property. We continued our journey back to lot #82 and I was following on the map nervously keeping an eye out the back window. I felt I was in the Brown Derby. We were just about to the street that Lot #82 was on and I again looked out the back window and there was a truck fishtailing struggling up another hill trying to catch up to us, it is was like a race. Mark was cool as a cucumber and I panicked and hollered “Mark, hurry up…. They’re gaining on us!” We pulled up to lot #82 and Mike just froze, so I yelled “Lot 82 sold!” Mark was perfect and if he was not so calm, I would have had a heart attack. Mark then walked the lot with us, and we enjoyed and laughed at the experience and got to know him better. We even met our new neighbors on each side of us! It was quite an experience and looking back it was fun! Mark Gallagher was very knowledgeable on the property and prepared us well, so we were successful on getting the lot of our dreams and all along the way, we developed a great friendship with Mark. It was an excellent experience due to Mark Gallagher!
Mike and Rhonda S. [from Houston]

Texas Land Sale

The Centerville Land Rush of 2021 aka Woodland Hills Ranch Land Sale. I wanted to own real property in Texas. I spent time on the Internet searching for a piece of raw ground. Property with any acreage always seemed to carry HOA restrictions, and size and time to build requirements. Then, one day recently, I came across an Internet posting of a “Land Sale.” The video and related material was attractive to me, so I entered my contact information to learn more. Mark Gallagher responded to me. He was cordial, not pushy, which I sort of expected him to be aggressive, but I asked him a ton of questions, which he answered. We spoke for a bit, then transferred to using text messaging. I would ask questions, Mark would quickly supply answers. My spouse and I were intrigued. At first, I was going to buy sight unseen, then decided I would drive to the sale and see the property firsthand. Then my spouse said she was going also! Stay with me! We were in Arizona! We contacted Mark, and told him we were coming. He said because of covid, we would have a 9:30am opening to meet him. Miss it, and we could be delayed a day or more. We loaded up, and headed East to Buffalo, TX. Arrived late, the day before the sale, but safe. The next morning, we headed to the Cowboy Church in Centerville, TX to meet with Mark. We arrived, signed in, and were introduced to Mark in person. He immediately took us under his wing so to speak, and laid out the Phase I plan showing the properties. We discussed our choices first, second, last resorts. We felt very confident Mark knew exactly what we were looking for. Then, he told us we were number six! SIX? What does that mean? This is where the real fun began! We were going to be in a convoy, and we were in truck number six, Mark’s fourwheel drive. Mark explained that we were going to drive to the property as a group, then when we arrived, we had to wait for the last truck in line to arrive. Then, reminiscent of the Oklahoma Land Rush, the whistle blew, and we charged, bouncing across the pasture, marked by little red flags, denoting where roads would someday be. Mark told me that when we arrived at our first choice, we should say immediately if we wanted that lot. First come, first serve. YaaaHoooo! This was fun! We approached the property and I said YES! We were the first buyer. Mark parked, and with Mark, we walked the entire perimeter of the property. We remain pleased with our purchase and have stayed in touch with Mark. He continues to respond quickly to our ongoing questions: ‘How are the roads coming along, Mark?’ He responded with photos! Great job Mark!
Dusty and Tic W

We first met Mark when we were looking at properties at the Majestic Hills development in Blanco. Even though we ultimately decided to wait for a property located closer to a larger town, we sincerely appreciated Mark's efforts and patience as he walked us across several lots that we really liked. We asked him to stay in touch with us. Mark contacted us regarding Legacy Hills and we were excited for the chance to see something close to Dripping Springs. Mark warned us that the properties would go very fast and we were a day late trying to firm up an appointment. For the rest of the week, Mark worked to get us into the 9:00 slot on Saturday and made sure to confirm the qualities we were looking for in a lot. We ended up with the perfect lot for us. Mark has maintained excellent communication with us all along the way and has remained helpful even after we signed the papers. We can't imagine a better land buying experience and are looking forward to other opportunities with Lone Star Land Partners in the future.
Chris and Julia F.

Nick Shumard and Price Keever have always done a fantastic job for us. We have bought a total of 5 lots from National Land Partners now and the experience has been seamless each time! We just closed on our latest 2 lots at Legacy Hills and look forward to working with them again in the future.
Richard C.

Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank Ken Hopkins for his wonderful customer service, patiently answering all questions, and helping us through the purchase of our lot at Legacy Hills.
Sivakumar B.